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DEDICATED and DRIVEN: No two words are more fitting to describe Wendy (Soréy) Hunt.A proud Jersey native, Wendy is a DEVOTED

Christian wife and mother, whose life experiences have

helped her develop a PASSION for EMPOWERMENT.

Wendy Hunt

Rather than be overcome with life's obstacles, Wendy considers her life experiences to be her badge of honor! In fact, these obstacles have

fueled her. She has transformed her problems into a source of power,

and views each experience as an opportunity to UPLIFT others.

Wendy exemplifies dedication and devotion as a woman of FAITH, which is reflected in every aspect of her life. As a true believer, Wendy understands that all God's Work is intentional. Every challenge or perceived setback God allowed was only preparation for a new life.

In living out her purpose Wendy's versatility has helped her evolve into a fashion stylist, consultant, designer, and CEO who specializes in creating custom apparel. This multi-gifted, lover of fitness is dedicated to providing new styles that accent your personality. LEO by day, Fashionista by purpose...

About Our Brand

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Anointed Apparel is a line of statement tees and hats available to men, women, and children. In 2021 Wendy expanded the brand to include sportswear and outerwear, but all Anointed Apparel EMPOWERS those who wear the garments to feel UPLIFTED and ANOINTED.

You must be comfortable in what you do, what you wear, and who you are, because what we wear transcends the way we feel and how we look. Anointed Apparel can only be defined as “Fashion with a Purpose.”


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